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    Telugu film actor Amit Purohit passed away. This information about Amit’s death was shared by Mahesh Babu’s brother Sudhir Babu on his twitter. The reason for Amit’s death could not be ascertained, but it is said that he had a heart attack. Amit is known for his films Alap, Sammonohamam and Wings. While delivering information about the death of Amit, Slebes wrote, Sudhir Babu wrote: “I am unhappy about the news of the death of Amit Purohit.” He played the role of Amit Malhotra in Mohandam. A very friendly boy and always gave 100% for every shot. Another good actor left us very soon. His soul received peace. Aditya Rao Hydari also tweeted and paid tribute to Amit, his co-star. Aditi wrote: Amit should get peace in your soul. Give God’s family the power to bear this suffering. A kind, submissive and diligent person went very quickly. Thank you very much for your important presence in the film Hypnomotion.


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