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    #LampardOut been trending online! They are all fake and Frank is here to stay! Haters, go away!


    James Ombongi says:

    Lampard will ashame many who criticise him.

    James Ombongi says:

    No matter what the real blues fan better to stand and surport our own.

    James Ombongi says:

    Even if we will be relagated this is the man who will solve our CFC problem, because many coaches av come and throw away the best talent whome the club has produced.

    James Ombongi says:

    I wonder what kind of fans are they? They even dont know abt ftball.

    James Ombongi says:

    Let these fake surporters to leave us alone

    James Ombongi says:

    Those are never surported CFC in there heart coz playing academy and pple blindly think Flank ha played first tean players

    Mark Kenechi says:

    The transfer ban on CFC as a result of huge signings to create a team is the very reason super lamp should stay and give youth AMPLE games time to tackle d transfer ban from reoccurring,daz enough expectation for now

    Song Town says:

    These people are not Chelsea fans. It's so clear. They're Arsenal and Spurs fans.

    Jaffar Hassan says:

    You must be right. …Nothing to add.

    Karym Anthony says:

    The club unite us all we are all one under cfc

    T.A. Farez says:

    I'm excited for the new season…finally will have the chance of using our youngsters…losing hazard l huge…so I'm not having high expectations…blues till I die #KTBFFH

    Ilham Zr says:

    support lampard…

    Imafidon Edosa says:

    Those people are not Chelsea fans

    david oladeji says:

    Lampard should stay….. we love you Frank

    NAHSIONGO Etre says:

    I don't give the Lampard out any attention cause I know surely there isn't any chelsea fans dumb enough to say Lampard out…

    Football R Us says:

    Watch the reception he gets at the first game at the bridge. It’s just fans from other clubs trying to disrupt us cos they’re worried! Carefree!

    Isaac Folayemi says:

    Keep it up bro.. Haters will always hate # keep doing you

    Caleb Kibunja says:

    For the love of the game lampard in

    Akshay Singh says:

    Please don't be supporter of Chelsea,if u can,t back this manager. If u start saying Lampard out from now onwards up to the end of season, u should be out. # Words from Real Chelsea
    Supporter. # Love for the club from Nepal.


    When u allow fans from other clubs to play with ur emotion,that is what happens. Don't put this blame on sari. Sari left because u people never appreciated his effort.never gave him the peace of mind to do his work.

    Jorge Pambo says:

    You speak Portuguese ?
    That’s interesting
    I am starting to like your videos

    Justine Amaihe says:

    Guys let's leave this dude to work for the betterment of the club.

    Kendrick Carter says:

    They are afraid of Lampard because they know that he his a threat to all then rival clubs and enemies of Lampard beware of him

    Ghedi-Of-All-Trades [GOAT] says:

    I see Man Utd fans all over the tweets. That's what happens down sixth.

    vidal tluanga says:

    Its probably other fans….a true chelsea fans will never say it

    Owen Nkhoma says:

    Amen to that

    Vaughn Joseph says:

    Letts go LAMPARD you will make it happen for us , 3 games into it things we will pick up #FaithInLampard

    lisa martins says:

    You`re Blue! I`m Blue. Up the Blues

    lisa martins says:

    We don`t know how much damage Sarri has done to our club yet.
    All these trending tweets are all bollocks. Nobody who supports Chelsea wants Frank out. Bloody ridiculous. Really. Nonsense.

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