Baghdad Blogger: How To Stay Alive in Iraq (2006)

How To Stay Alive in Iraq: How are ordinary Iraqis coping with the constant risk of insurgent attack? Baghdad Blogger, Salam Pax, gets out on the streets and investigates.

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"When you leave your house you expect to die in an explosion or get shot", states one man. To stay as safe as possible, people avoid certain jobs, clothing or neighbourhoods. The problem is that every day, the list of things to avoid becomes longer. "Bakeries are bombed for selling bread to the Iraqi police … barbers because they shave beards." Now sportsmen are being targeted for wearing shorts and anyone wearing jeans, anything red or hair gel is also at risk. As one man laments: "There is nothing cheaper than Iraqi blood. Deaths have become normal."

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  1. Some dude

    Never should have invaded. Sadam was a monster but it takes a monster to deal with monsters.

    • Las Vegas Carnivore

      @DVincentW exactly

    • Las Vegas Carnivore

      @Zugekokster Trafficberlin the term democracy is a euphemism for veiled oligarchy. The West is failing and must constantly plunder other’s resources to stay afloat. Only the proceeds from illicit Black Market trafficking ( Drug Money, organ harvesting, human trafficking, blackmail) keeps the economy from completely crashing immediately…

    • Source Hauntings

      Best comment here . We purposely destabilized a country for this crap. Killing bakers and barbers. Terrible.

    • Ma name chef

      We like Saddam as Iraqis, I don’t see a monster in him, he didn’t work with Al-Qaeda, had nothing to do with 9/11, fought the filthy Persians, reclaimed Kuwait to Iraq he is more of a hero. My opinion is shared among a vast population of Arabs except for some Iranian shills and Kuwaitis.


      it was a warm up war for Iran. get ur bones ready for the draft. OMG THE SPURS

  2. #BeingJoker Comments


  3. رحمه الله عليك ياصدام حسين. بعدك سقطت وستسقط كل الدول العربيه.

  4. This should make you thankful of the Society you live in currently

  5. Source Hauntings

    Religion is just gross, gross gross. It gives people the excuse to act like heathens and stuck in the dark ages. Icky

  6. Source Hauntings

    Any country that kills smart people- welp- that just says it all

  7. Julian Glasser

    Wow this is crazy video !!!!!!

  8. Hassan HeH

    ايام سودة 😂😂
    معقولة هالفيديو ب ٢٠٠٦؟؟😐

  9. Low Budget Feelings

    I see travel vlogs saying its safe now to go to Iraq. Is it true?

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