Baghdad Blogger: The Verdict (2006)

The Verdict: How do Iraqis feel about the trial of Saddam Hussein? Has the violence and breakdown of law and order stripped the verdict of its significance? Baghdad Blogger, Salam Pax, finds out.

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"The trial has become a spectacle. An insult and torture to all the people concerned", laments Ibrahim Al-Idrisi, founder of the Association of Free Prisoners. "They are glorifying Saddam in court. He is becoming a national hero." Many feel alienated by the trial. "Millions was provided for establishing the court but it seems as though no effort was made to include us Iraqis", states Salam. Others question how fair the trial really was. But – for most of the population – peace and security has replaced justice as their main priority. As Salam Pax confides: "I worry the verdict will end up sounding as hollow as the long list of meaningless milestones we keep being reminded of."

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  1. Christophe Certelet

    Did some a$$hole say 1st yet? Then it me!

  2. He was a murderous criminal, but his removal devastated the region. It seems like middle eastern nations ‘need’ powerful, authoratarian leaders like Sadam Assad

  3. Leo Walzim

    As Christian Iraqi, my family where political enemy of Saddam. But it was 10 times better with Saddam then with the Americans!
    At least there was free education. Free healthcare no terrorists criminals. Something they dont even have in Yankee land.

  4. How’s Iraq now?

    • 김태진

      It is peaceful and nice. The sun comes up, the flowers bloom, children go to school, once in a while bombs go off, heads get chopped, women get raped, but other than that, everything is fine and dandy.

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