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  • Bollywood Actor Nawab Shah Workout || FITNESS ADDICTED

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    Bollywood Actor Nawab Shah Workout || FITNESS ADDICTED

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    Track: AXEN & HYLO – Habits (feat. AKACIA)[NCS Release]
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    AXEN & HYLO - Habits (feat. AKACIA) [NCS Release]

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    Track: AXEN & HYLO - Habits (feat. AKACIA)[NCS Release]
    Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
    Watch: https://youtu.be/bAvs6l6Ikr8
    Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/HabitsYO

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    Ashish Lakra says:

    Yeah India gold burg

    Khaja Moinuddin says:

    Best BACK I have ever seen……

    cloud edv says:

    Mr. Body Perfectionist

    Muddassir Navrange says:

    Hollywood type personality

    Abhishek Prakash says:

    #deathstroke #DC #awesome

    mannat sharma says:

    STERIODS MATLB HGH KI DUKAAN HAI YE ..hmare youth ki ma chud rahi hai aise logo ko dekhkar bc govt pata ni kaha so rahi hai steriods par pta ni kab ban lgega

    Y2RS says:

    in shaktiman he plays a role of lizard (long tounge) anyone remember .

    Arjit Saxena says:

    i wna kiss ur full body suck ur hard dick fuck me hard sexy

    mera baap says:

    All this for becoming gotimaar

    Vipin Johnson Stanley says:

    Looks like Golds Berg ✌🏻

    Akash Nag says:

    He can give complex to young actors

    Jitend Singh says:

    I always wonders what they listen to

    Gummy Deer says:


    chetan chawde says:

    Superb personality

    Sunil Rawat says:

    awesome body sir

    Sunil Rawat says:

    he is a villain of Shaktimaan

    Kane Farh says:

    Very handsome and manly

    Lohit Pant says:

    Abe ise to Maine nainital k boxing stadium mai dekha tha…. Mai boxing khelta hu… Bhai mare barabar ka hai ye mai 97 kilo ka hu ye back se mughse chauda hai thoda….
    Bhai iske saath ek bacchi thi jo shayad college mai padti hogi ye itna bada hai age ka or iski bandi chinki mast thi…
    Oy kakodar yaad hai teri bandi ko kaise cheda tha tare age ye kuch bol ni paya…..
    Do deta sale k sari body khatam ho jati…

    vicky sharma 786 says:

    Shaktiman men… nyc body

    Abhijit Kundu says:

    Nawab bhai bahut aache isiliye tumhe bhai ka team main diya gya hai

    ankit jain says:

    And he got defeated from srk in don 😂

    imran khan says:

    Ye land wala music mat dala karo. Ahcha video ka maa chud jata hai or kaan me lagta hai wo alag

    Twisted Soul says:

    Shaktimaan villan 😂

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