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  • Chandrayaan-2: India's Most Ambitious Space Mission Yet

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    India’s most ambitious space mission yet, Chandrayaan-2, which aims to place a robotic rover on the moon, will be launched on July 15 at 2:51 am. President Ram Nath Kovind will be at Sriharikota to witness the midnight launch.

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    Truth Teller says:

    What rocket fuel will be used? Solid gobar or liquid gow mutra?

    红火树 says:

    launch 7-15-2019, land first week of September, almost 2 months, Compare to China's Chang'er, reach Moon orbit only 4 days, and go around it and land in a few days later.
    GSLV Mk III, 640 tons, GTO capacity 4 tons, compares to China's LM 3 B, only 450 tons with GTO capacity 5.1 tons.
    4/640=0.00625, 5.1/450=0.01133333333, so the ratio of payload/total weight, China's LM-3B is 1.81 times of GSLV Mk III

    Shaji K says:

    When our country get drinking water? Clean water in rivers,, I feel shame when landing in US how neat and tidy? The idiots here wasting money on what people do not need . U.S does it But they fist provided basics

    monuked says:

    Chiense moon mission was computer generated graphics. Even jews failed in their moon mission recently. Remember china doesnt even allow live telecast of their launches like isro nasa as most of their launches are full of technical problems. Moon landing was a hoax.. So i believe isro mission will be a mile stone in space technology for not just India but also mankind.. today isro is second to none in the most complex area of sciense that is space technology..

    Cheddar Mind says:

    The SkyBook believing Flatearthers' comments on this video says all about RNDTV's fan base.. LoL.. 🤣🤣🤣..

    abad63 says:

    nice music at the beginnnig..

    Rupachandra Yumnam says:

    Actually wasting money…in the telegraph know how…russia had discovered dat there is a internal orbit of the moon that can,t enter.even the russian sceinrist said that no men ever in moon… U.s had bluff the people of world..it cn,t success wasting money of india

    Nagaraj Rao says:

    Good Job ISRO. But just curious how come you have named it Chandrayan? A typical name should have been either Nehru, Indra, Rajiv, Sanjiv, Sonya, Rahul or Pryanka?

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