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  • Chandrayaan-2: Why Is India Going To The Moon's South Pole

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    India’s ambitious Chandrayaan-2 mission after its lift off from Sriharikota is headed close to the South Pole of the moon for a soft landing. Where is India going and why has ISRO chosen the spot close to the South Pole? Tonight on Left Right and Centre, NDTV speaks to Dr Mylswamy Annadurai, key team member of Chandrayaan 1, and discuss how Chandrayaan-2 will explore unchartered territories of the moon.

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    Moodi trying to destroy moon so that muslims cant see moon on Eid …where is UN….india is unsafe

    Ring Neck says:

    Jai shri ram chants be on moon very soon haha

    HS BAJWA says:

    who one dislike it LIKE MY COMMENT

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