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  • DAENERYS MAD QUEEN Reactions Compilation

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    This is a compilation of great reactions from some of your favorite fans, creators and reactors for the Daenerys Mad queen scene in Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 5 “The Bells”.

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    I’ve created a playlist of allthe 68 videos that made this emotional compilation possible, watch their full episode reaction from the https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdq3teYvz6kShdzXkL_-lqaCJocRcpSj1

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    Ellisa Gatewood-Hyde says:


    Elmar A. Hannah says:

    I love seeing the Dany fans squeal when they see this. It has been obvious for a while now that this is exactly what her character development has been building up to

    Ironhide says:

    Well, now the alleged fans are all offended. Robert Baratheon said from the beginning that Targaryen is dangerous. Cersei I'm not sorry. but for the innocent. but no character of the show is innocent. some more and others less. apparently all have forgotten the last words of missandei. At the end of the fourth episode many fans cheer as stupid and now all look stupid from the laundry. Daenarys is as crazy as her dad! Her lust for power is deadly and increasingly tyrannical. Actually shows how fast an alleged hero becomes a murderer and a criminal. If you look back in the history of the world then this happened more than once.

    Franz Galahad says:

    Emilia's face is like "I can't believe the fuckin' writers and directors are making me do this!"

    Goku SSJX says:

    Dany to Drogon: "OK, the bells are ringing. Time for you to go to sleep." Drogon: "Still hungry after so much flight. And look at all those tasty chickens still running in the streets". Dany: "OK, time for a celebration barbeque".

    Sami Samara says:


    John Mullen says:

    I love a good villain turn and this ranks as one of the best turns in tv/entertainment history imo. Also, I really liked Grey Worm's turn as well, the fury he displayed killing the soldiers was pretty amazing.

    Braian Snow 14 says:

    like si dani está LOCA!

    Vince says:

    lol that dude sleeping, guess he just gave up the show after epi 3 like me

    Ghost says:

    The Queen of Ashes 👸🏼🔥

    silentgr0und says:

    not all at the same time !

    Sacando Larecon says:

    Sabran estos gringos idiotas que esto es ficcion?

    Mist says:

    The most depressing thing ever. The way they assassinated her character just like… that. There’s no way you can even begin to justify her behaviour. There’s absolutely no nuance to it. They just made her a terrorist for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I’m not mad at Dany, I’m mad at the writers.

    The Machine says:

    Give a crazy chic a lighter and she will burn your clothes, give her a dragon and it's Scorched earth mthr fkr

    seth seth says:

    That one kid who was named Cersi doesn't feel so bad now especially if she's in the same school as Daenerys.

    Karma says:

    the whole "mad queen daenerys" is way out of character if she was going to go mad she would have done it is essos but she did not she freed thousands if not millions of slaves from captivity and ruled the city of mereen rather well, she even locked her dragons away because her dragons were burning children. can tell the writers cba with game of thrones they writ anything to end the series.

    Kagomekrizz says:

    Wish I have doing a videoreaction because I was laughing on that moment, hahahaha.

    amanda yvonete says:

    The best part was Cercei watching and afraid, I know it was wrong, but it was the most badass scene of the season, I'm sad cause I believed that Dany was good, I was just like Jon Snow hoping that she wouldn't do that!

    Mayla Patrícia de Oliveira says:

    Cersei: “Power is power!”

    Dany: “Hold my coffee.”

    Script Kiddy says:

    Listening to this makes me feel schizophrenic…

    Hisoka44 Apache says:

    Not love… let it be fear… queen

    Furkan Bozdag says:

    I waited two years for this garbage

    lusonico says:

    worst switch of character i ever seen, she went mad for no reason LOL

    Brian Cromartie says:

    Dude is knocked out, in the third clip.

    decentradical says:

    They could've gone with something cheesy, like Drogon surgically breaking a piece of the Red Keep where Cersei was hiding. But this is Game of Mother Fucking Thrones so we get something way more satisfying.

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