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    Massive Dust Storm In Australia

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    Dust Storm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ao8RzKIYEQ

    Earthquake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSwjkG3nv1c

    Trippy Design: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--O9eyKIubY

    Chocolate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEN4hcZutO0

    Forest Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkZDSqyE1do

    Basketball: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqBU6jxMIcA

    Horse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFBDsMOu3E8

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    megaburger187 says:

    they're just normal rock, covered in semen

    DJ Dragon Hulk says:

    8:10 what that be?

    Subject 0 says:

    Yo I know what movie your talking about I used to own it I wish I could remember it’s name so I can watch it again and I believe it was a little lockness monster

    bahamat52 says:

    5:52 reminded me of the show Surface, it only had 1 season which saddened me because I loved it.

    Chauncey Mallett says:

    You know how cheap that is for a rock That's
    just been discovered think about it

    StalliniumServingSovietSergeiStronker says:

    You didn’t show the punch xD

    TheBlindMaster says:

    I have seen those rocks before. Like.. before they where Discovered. Theyre in norway too. Atleast thats what i think they where

    Abe says:

    Was the show Dragontales? haha

    Leandro Calderon says:

    That egg you say, i think it's from the movie "Eragon"

    DarkraixCresselia says:

    5:46 New Steven Universe character!

    taco junk says:

    6:15 chavez I think the movie you where talking about was Waterhorse.

    McKnight says:

    anyone notice anything? chavezz wink wink

    Kevon Kaylor says:

    Chavez should have his own advertisement saying go to your local 99¢ store today and save some f-ing money

    Random ness says:

    6:30 im about to get myself a raichu lol

    Jojo Tanner says:

    The gecko girl sounds like Pepa pig

    kenneth ford says:

    At that optical brain fuckery thing in the first one Chavezz said "I love it" and I audibly said "I'm tappin' out"
    I've gotten motion sick just standing around, not moving, so that thing would fuck me up.

    Jason A. Voorhees says:

    Ham Ham Ham
    Bur Bur Bur
    Ger Ger Ger



    Faustfelin says:

    That first clip gotta be the Alaskan bull worm bruh 🐛

    J J says:

    React to dababy- babysitter

    hentai lord says:

    yo i saw this in my high school befor the brack for fall 2:57

    Gabriel Rosimo says:

    I got the same reaction as chavezz when the UV light hit the yooperlite

    pokemon go says:

    That’s a freaking Australian dust-bowl

    pokemon go says:

    You should watch Internet Historian.

    Spencer Picard says:

    Cheetahs are different from normal cats because they dont hunt like normal cats do. Cheethas are more like dogs in the way they are built. the body of a cheetah is very fragile so they wont attack you if ur bigger than they are unless u provoke it

    Dalton Ross says:

    Nice video!

    Tom Hopkins says:

    Because the narwhals are loosing there ice in the oceans and the cooler water are we’re the beluga whales are and since beluga whales have a lot of the same features as narwhal ten are not threaten by the beluga.

    dmandustinREACTS says:

    Nah I'll just stick to snacks and soda at Family Dollar, not that interested in clothing stuff.

    JK 2K1 says:

    Dragon tales

    That guy Younes says:


    Jesus Zamora says:

    Damn, I figured the people getting the beans would have been the first to make chocolate. How do these people not know about it at all? Fucking heartbreaking.

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