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  • Earthquake Warning! Magnitude 9 Tremor could hit as Eurasian Plate Shows Cracking Signs!

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    Earthquake warning: Magnitude NINE tremor could hit as Eurasian Plate shows cracking signs
    Links –
    1) https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1123910/earthquake-what-is-earthquakes-tsunami-news-map-earth-eurasian-plate
    2) Thumnail image – earthquake-1123910 tsunami getty.jpg
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    Richard Casillas says:

    Look into Law passed in 2014 by our Govt! Bail Bank law , we are investors not depositors by having account at local bank. They are going to be taking everyone’s cash etc if a financial crisis happens!! Put Jesus in ur life before to late! 🙏👑❤️🕊✝️

    John Walker says:

    There's much larger objects around us right now that are far more sizable than any tiny meteor that while if it were to hit us would be one thing , then a mile across would be big . But passing by at 3mill + miles away it had 0 affect. We have actual planetary bodies all around us right now and a dwarf star 🌟 great channel though that west sunrise was amazing.

    Pink Lady says:

    Again, thanks for the information.

    Optics Girl says:

    Peru wasn’t random it came from the 7.5/&7.2 from the Soloman islands.

    Angela C says:


    Joe Curmaci says:

    God lady is that where la Palma is the cumbre vieja

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