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  • Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 5 – The Bells (Review)

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    A review of the fifth episode for the 8th season of Game of Thrones. Based on the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

    “The Thrones Effect” Available Now!

    Written by: GoT Academy, Civilization Ex, Because Geek, Secrets of the Citadel, Gray Area, Ideas of Ice and Fire, History of Westeros, and Smokescreen

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    CivilizationEx says:

    "The Thrones Effect" Available Now!

    Written by: GoT Academy, Civilization Ex, Because Geek, Secrets of the Citadel, Gray Area, Ideas of Ice and Fire, History of Westeros, and Smokescreen

    Ebook, Audiobook and Paperback:


    Support Civilization Ex by using the following Links:

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    Amazon (Canada): https://www.amazon.ca/?&_encoding=UTF

    Amazon (UK): https://www.amazon.co.uk/?&_encoding=…"

    Erald Ylli says:

    Don't you think it's time to spring for some new music after all these years? All that Patreon money, and the same tune in the background since you started out? Tsk tsk tsk…

    books from Windblown says:

    The Lannisters got nothing on the Targaryens in comparison of violence, betrayal, ambition and incest or inbreeding.

    skull2470 says:

    A fighting chance? ha, it took only one dragon to win in 7 min.

    Spartakusaufstand Deutschland says:

    Yup, D&D massacred our poor Golden bois

    Gilded Dicks out for the Golden Company, we will be as bitter as Bittersteel

    eoe123321 says:

    Its sad that GOT fans try to defend this shitty season.

    SerbAtheist says:

    Clegane followed a commoner talking sh*t about Cersei and bashed his head to the wall. He wasn't a mindless zombie.

    Will Han says:

    The moving dragon animation was so cute

    TheNight'sDouche says:

    Idk, I never once felt bad for Cersei. F that incestuous hoe.

    SerbAtheist says:

    I don't think anyone noticed the following detail: The Mountain manages to gouge one of the Hound's eyes during the 'Oberyn maneuver' while the Hound stabs the Mountain in the eye.

    An eye for an eye.

    Jimmy Rodriguez says:

    Qyburn was left for dead by the Lannisters and the Mountain. I'm surprised he stayed with Cersei and the Mountain 'til the end. I was expecting a swerve of some sort.

    Woody Lee says:


    Oily says:

    Don't understand why people don't like the cersei death. She was literally crushed under the weight of her own dreams. It's a good metaphor

    Jackson Crook says:

    Why is it that everyone in GoT insists on fighting outside their walls? You have walls for a reason, use them!

    Tovarishch Simonov says:

    7:08 The other ships had scorpions but their accuracy went to crap after episode 4

    wing zero says:

    I literally said the same thing about Danny shes not mad shes sending a message.

    Jason Santos says:

    This was a well spoken and calm review that didn't just rant or blindly critique or support the show.

    For me, even if there's tons of plotholes and annoyances, the sheer level of acting and emotion portrayed was outstanding. From the sheer hatred on the face of Daenerys to the all out despair in the face of peasants during Arya's amazing escape scene, the level of acting in this episode was amazing. So far I've seen S8E1-4 as entertaining yet mediocre but episode 5, despite all the loopholes, was an outstanding show of emotion by great actors.

    Jordon Booman says:

    I like how u give qyburn credit. Everyone just seems to hate him. I liked him as a chracter a lot very mysterious. I wished we learned more about him b4 he died.

    Jeremy Qumsieh says:

    CivilizationEx love the channel and the content. I started supporting your channel because I enjoy learning new things about the world of ice and fire and you have provided good, reliable content. I enjoy watching the videos, especially of the new season, because of the rational, calm way you approach the videos. Even sharing your likes and dislikes, I value your opinions and cant wait to hear them. In episode 5, I agree with you 100% that the most disappointing thing in the episode was the golden company. Before the episode came out I was telling my brother how I expected good things from them because of who they are and their history, which I know because of watching your channel. I really wish they had them do something besides being lambs for the slaughter but in the end I think I know why they did it this way. Yes Cersei mentioned the golden company couple times in seasons past but if one was to watch the show and know nothing of the books, you would never know anything more about them than that they were a mercenary company. So just knowing that they are a mercenary company, from the shows perspective, kind of justifies D&D's reason for having them killed so fast. Just my theory about it. Still not happy with it myself

    John Edward Gallagher says:


    Id4n says:

    Dany is less of a mad queen and more of a Dany the Conqueror, since ya boi Aegon the first also burned all of dorne to the ground after Rhaenys died.

    Nikki Ward says:

    That was NOT WORSE THAN ANYTHING THE LANNISTERS EVER DID!!!!! Are you forgetting the red wedding or sack of KL and what happened to the Targaryen children their mother or what about the Raeyns of Castamere ( spellcheck lol) and all the people including children Tywin murdered. NTM, Cersei blew up the sept and I’m sure had innocent women and children who were casualties

    Nodnarb Eht says:

    I think everyone needs to stop bending over backwards to justify/defend this show. It's been terrible since the second season and has never kept to the source material so trying to loosely link the prophecy or justifying the destruction of kings landing based in the book is nonsense. This episode especially was terrible, nothing that happened wa in line with the established motivations and natures of the characters and was more or less just a cheap series of shock value kills. This was hands down the worst blow to the fantasy genre I have seen in as long as I can remember and leaves me terrified about the upcoming Wheel of Time series. If I had to make a comparison to another series to video conversion GOT was worse than World War Z. Yeah…

    Erk says:

    I completely agree. I was looking forward to the Golden Company so much!!

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