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Space Science Episode 2: What it takes to become an Astronaut
To look at the Earth from outer space – who doesn’t dream about that view? But is being an astronaut really a dream job? Are the years of training and hardships each candidate must be willing to endure really worth it? Prof. Dr. Ulrich Walter, astronaut and space expert, knows what he’s talking about because he did it. In this episode of Spacetime, he shows what demands are asked of today's applicants and recounts stories of legendary astronauts.

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  1. Shakir KR

    Nice 🌹 🌹

  2. Amazing videos

    I will travel there in 2050 that’s my dream
    You guys give me the courage

  3. alex villarde

    many are called but only few are chosen

  4. krazzy dru

    notification squad here….

    who else…

    • salman khan



  5. Emily Kelbell

    Yes they won’t tell you but don’t get your hopes up. They only let Freemasons and Rainbow Girls be “asteo-nots”

  6. Jajaja please I hope this is a joke.

  7. astronaut or circus man????

  8. Mike Rowe

    how to become an astoNOt. become a really good liar . –

  9. Tewa Taiyamoon

    Where’s Russia?

  10. michael blevins


  11. just came back from space

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