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  • How to make a Giant Oreo Cake!

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    Slime Sam and his friend Sue love Oreo cookies. But it looks like Sam ate all the Oreo in the house, even Sue’s secret stash! That’s why Sue decided to bake a cake without sharing it with Sam. However, it’s impossible to stay angry with Sam for too long, he’s so sweet and he tries so hard to apologize. He helps Sue finish the cake and then they have an Oreo tea party. Yummm!

    Would you like to make this cake yourself? Then follow the recipe and make sure to ask an adult to help you with baking!

    To make this delicious Oreo cake, you will need flour, cocoa powder, eggs, oil, milk, powdered sugar, baking powder, heavy whipping cream and Oreo cookies! You’ll get the most beautiful result if you try to get Oreo-shaped baking molds. But any round mold is fine, too. Whipping cream mixed with Oreo cookies is so yummy! Don’t forget to call your friends to enjoy the cake together!

    We’ve got more fun recipes on our channel you can try:

    Giant Ferrero Roche https://youtu.be/xG4CBU4Qx5M

    Homemade Nutella https://youtu.be/qYyoDwm7MbE

    This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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    How to make GIANT FERRERO ROCHER At Home

    GIANT CANDY CHALLENGE accepted!🍭👊 Slime Sam is making a giant chocolate Ferrero Rocher!🍫 And it's TOTALLY CRAZY!🤪

    Do you know what Slime Sam loves more than candies? ONE HUGE CANDY! He loves himself a lot of sweets and Sue found just the right sweets recipe to make the fussy slime happy. Let me tell you everything from the beginning...

    Slime Sam was just cleaning the house when the doorbell rang. Sam hurried up to the door. The bell could only mean one thing, Sue was back from the store with treats! Recently Sam felt like Sue didn't buy as many sweets and desserts for him as usual. This time she was out for hours, Sam just knew she had lots of goodies for him! He was in such a rush that all his cleaning efforts were wiped by him running to the door. The jam har might have been broken leaving the sticky mess behind, the toys might have been dropped and rice might have been spilled all over the floor...

    But here she is with full grocery bags! Sam immediately dove in and started searching. Among the jungles of lettuce, mountains of tomatoes and rivers of tasteless Greek yogurt Sam found... nothing for himself! Can you believe it? Like he's supposed to eat healthy now! Sue gave him one teeny-tiny candy and that was it! Sam held a grudge but decided not to say anything. Because, you know, he didn't want to lose that small candy too.

    Sam was destroyed. He was wandering around trying to wrap his head around this unfair situation and Sue went on and on about her day. She told Sam how she got a free squishy and met her favorite YouTuber in the store but Sam stayed indifferent.

    Sue found a way to cheer him up and helped him to take a part in the YouTube challenge GIANT CANDY! Watch the video till the end to see how it turned out!


    - 3 cups rice crisps (puffed rice);

    - 2 cups marshmallow cream (we used Marshmallow Fluff);

    - 900 grams of sour cream;

    - 650 grams of Nutella;

    - milk chocolate (melted);

    - hazelnuts;

    - butter.


    🍫Mix together marshmallow fluff and crisped rice. Stir really well until no rice pieces are loose. It's better to use a non-sticky silicone spatula.

    🍫Mix together Nutella and sour cream. You can substitute sour cream for plain yogurt. Stir it well until there is one solid color.

    🍫Take a medium bowl and butter it up. It'll help you easily separate the product. You can also butter up your hands because that marshmallow rice dough is sooo sticky 🙂

    🍫Take half of the dough and spread it evenly over the bowl. Try to make the layer not too thin and not too thick.

    🍫Repeat with another buttered bowl and the other half of the dough.

    🍫Fill the shells with Nutella mixture and lightly tap the bowls on a table to settle it.

    🍫Put both shells in the fridge to cool down.

    🍫When cream is hardened, flip the halves and cover the with melted milk chocolate.

    🍫Sprinkle with grated hazelnuts.

    🍫Cover with the melted chocolate again.

    🍫Leave to cool.

    🍫Scoop out a little bit of cream in the middle of each half and fill it with whole hazelnuts. After we already finished making the candy, we thought it would be even more delicious if we just threw a handful of nuts in the cream before it hardened. You can try it both ways and have a taste test!

    🍫Apply some melted milk chocolate on the edge of the halves and lightly press it together.

    🍫Finish up by applying more chocolate on the joint part.

    🍫Leave to cool.

    🍫Wrap it up and serve!


    - dark-brown cardboard paper;

    - gold sticky tape or gold ribbon and double-sided tape or school glue;

    - gold wrapping paper;

    - large printed logo Ferrero Rocher.


    🍬Cut out a stripe about sox centimeters wide out of brown paper.

    🍬Decorate it with golden sticky tape.

    🍬Fold the band like an accordion. Try to make the folds as even as possible.

    🍬Cut out a circle out of brown paper and use hot glue to attach the folded band to the circle, that will make a lining.

    🍬Crumple golden wrapping paper really well so it's wrinkled and soft.

    🍬Wrap your candy in golden paper and secure it with scotch tape.

    🍬Put the wrapped candy on the lining and glue the logo on top.


    PREVIOUS EPISODE: DIY Simple Rat Trap from Cardboard https://youtu.be/5g9C9V1oUKo

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    This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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