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  • Katelyn Ohashi | Best Play | ESPY Awards 2019

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    Dkusa 579 says:

    Only casuals voted for this

    orange Tic-tac says:

    Miami Kawhi and Henry snubbed

    James Park says:

    KAWHING right now

    eMdotcomTV says:

    Whhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaattttttttt the fuck…..

    C Dinger says:

    Why do athletes act like they have been discriminated against? Only in America and a few other counties can you make millions of dollars just for your athletic ability.

    YSI BGC216 says:


    SS3MANIA says:

    Y’all crazy ! With the crazy shit Kaitlyn did she deserved it

    witfurd says:

    Kawhi should've won. Shit, Dame should've had a better chance than this

    endlessbasher says:

    Wtf Kawhi should have won, these award shows are a fucking joke.

    Dominic Vigorito says:

    Bruh there is some conspiracy going. We all know that Kawhi should've won. Women's soccer team must be involved.

    EB says:

    Katelyn your awesome…Don't read the comments…..and then try to say them back and stumble. Go watch wreck it ralph 2.

    don dada says:

    boooooooooooooo kawhi or the guy who ran 99 yards should've won. booooooooo

    Marq The Werm says:

    This just fucking happened

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