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  • Katelyn Ohashi – BEST PLAY – ESPYS 2019

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    Katelyn Ohashi – BEST PLAY – ESPYS 2019


    ray mesquite says:

    I always felt bad for her that she didn't get to go to the Olympics, but her comeback was so impressive.

    shumishu says:

    My dude Kwahi got robbed

    Akemi Nishikido says:

    Her thank you speech is actually a poem if you listen carefully

    prolifici says:

    the look on that girl face @ 2:16

    GiantsFan1734 says:

    How TF does Kawhi’s shot not win over some gymnastics😂 this show honestly sucks

    Antking1037 says:

    Miracle got snubbed

    John McCulloch says:

    In the end Kawhi won’t be losing sleep over this, but it’s hard to understand how a game 7 buzzer beater in the NBA playoffs didn’t win this. IMO that series was the NBA Finals as neither the Bucks or Warriors put up the fight the Sixers did.

    STEEVIE cd says:

    Cardi b/ nicki are shit

    orange Tic-tac says:

    Miami Kawhi and Henry all got snubbed

    Rebecca Scott says:

    Katellyn Rocks!! You go girl!! She’s my super hero my grand daughter is so inspired by her videos she wants to do one of the best sports in the world!! This is what gymnastics should be about!! The fun!!

    Lilmanball2 says:

    Miami miracle ????

    Joe Anthony Guerra says:

    A girl dancing like a stripper wins? Ok… I see what's going on. What an example for the kids

    Dominic Vigorito says:


    Dominic Vigorito says:

    Bruh there is some conspiracy going. We all know Kawhi should've won. Women's soccer team must be involved.

    Hector Rodriguez says:

    NOOOOOOOO! Kawhi Final Buzzer Beater in the Playoffs Got Robed This is a Conspiracy.

    jingle ayapana says:

    OMG congrats!!!!Voted her everyday

    don dada says:

    booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kawhi or the guy who ran 99 yards should've won . booooooooooooooooooooooo

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