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  • KEAM 2019 Engineering Medicine പ്രവേശനം അറിയേണ്ടതെല്ലാം | Jamaludheen Malikkunnu | Career Acharya

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    KEAM 2018 Option Registration steps-Medical, Engineering,Pharmacy,Agriculture,Architect. KEAM 2019 Engineering Medicine പ്രവേശനം അറിയേണ്ടതെല്ലാം | Jamaludheen Malikkunnu | Career Acharya


    Megha Chandran says:

    Sir, I am Megha
    E year Lane plus two pass ayath
    Plus two ne 90% mark und
    Keam le engineering ne 22435 rank. Pharmacy 23610 rank
    E rank le government clg kitan sathyatha indo
    Onne reply pls sir.

    A to z media. says:

    Sir when keam medical rank come. .and how to apply it plz replay

    Prince Devakumaran j says:

    Sir when to submit our neet score in keam 2019….is it released

    Adithya Adithya says:

    Sir i get 423 marks in neet with obc catagory. Can i get agriculture or forestry in gov. Seat. Pls reply

    Rhidhik Meghuz says:

    sir l have scored only 170 in neet can l get admission for bsc agriculture.Iam obc category

    Akhil Radhakrishnan says:

    Sir keam 82 mark engg admission kittumo sc category

    Azar mp says:

    സാർ എനിക്ക് KEAM നു 150 ആണ് മാർക്ക്‌.. Plus two –Phy (116/120), Chem(119/120), Maths(90/100) ആണ് മാർക്ക്‌… GOVT കോളേജുകളിൽ അഡ്മിഷൻ കിട്ടുമോ….? Please Reply….. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Zeesha Shahan says:

    Sir can u upload a video on NRI quota and the procedures to be followed.

    Rahul K says:

    Sir 400marks and 94%in pcm cbse
    Can I get any good college
    If yes can u name some please

    Arun R says:

    My cousin got only 18.9 score in keam pharmacy result. Is there any chance to get admission or in rank list? She is from OEC category.

    shajika ambat says:

    Sir bsc nursing kerala govt collegilek engane an admission vangedad….. engane an apply cheyyendad… pls rply

    Ajmal Aju says:

    Ithinte koode upload chyyenda ncl ,income certificates situations karanam upload chyyan kazhinittilla…ini nthaa chyyaan pattaa??sir,plss replyy.hlp mee

    Ajmal Aju says:

    Jst qualify aayathond karyamundo?

    Ajmal Aju says:

    Sir,index mark minimum ethra undayalaan rank list l varan chance??

    shajika ambat says:

    Sir bsc nursing in kerala… ella informationum oru video cheyumo pls

    shajika ambat says:

    Sir…. keralathil govt collegil bsc nursingib admssion criteria??

    Rhidhik Meghuz says:

    Sir is there any need for linking keam result with Neet results

    Fyrooz Iqbal says:

    Hai sir,
    I have qualified for keam engineering. I don't have any idea as to what i have to do next. Can you please tell me what i should do next.

    MUHSINA A K says:

    Sir, how many marks do I need to get pharmacy in government college?

    Ajith S says:

    Sir keam ni 87 score,admission kitto?

    jency varghese says:

    Sir eligibility mark for keam out of 960 revaluation chance undo

    arunimaa s says:

    Sir, if my kerala medical rank is between 12000-16000, will i get admission to BAMS in govt college under sc category? Pls reply sir.

    Sabu Stanislavose says:

    Sir njn nata exam ezhuty qualified ayi..but keam register cheytitila….apo keralathil architecture course in admission kitumo

    Sathar A V says:

    Sir..I applied both keam and neet,….when I can apply for medical admission…after neet exam result?

    swarnappan chellappan says:

    keam mbbs registration second phase ondo?

    Farseena Faizal says:

    Sir, how much mark Should scored in keam for getting a good admission? !

    Prathibha Mathew says:

    Very good, very useful message

    MuhaMmeD ShaNif says:

    Hello sir i want to choos mbbs Please explane me whats the proces of after +2

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