Kurdish Forces Call in US to Strike ISIS Targets in Kobanî (2016)

In this clip from Meryem: Kobani's Female Liberator, Kurdish forces work with US air power to pinpoint ISIS fighters during the siege of
Kobanî, which ran 15 September 2014 – 15 March 2015.

For the full film, go to https://youtu.be/1ipDT_RJqG0

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Jos de Putter – Ref. 6955

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  1. James Ferdinand

    That’s not F 16
    I think that’s B 1B Lancer

  2. it is a great shame of mine that we betrayed a people who share so many values with us, and were instrumental in defeating ISIS, at our promise of protection.

    • George Ferreira

      And since when was this out problem..rewind if your brain can.. but how did we get half way around the work again? And whos tax paying dollars are financing these endless wars..? How does it feel to take 25% of your pay slip and flush it down the toilet every month for 18 years? We have ppl right here at home who need help .single parents mom’s..kids who need food and students dieing is college debt ..wake up clowns. This should have been done a very long time, but no one had the balls too .

    • ​@George Ferreira your creating a straw man argument to throw my words out of context. I made a comment about American Ethics, and your trying to bring it to a single mothers thing. There was no chance of us going to war with Turkey over our defense of the Kurds. Kurds have a very western style of government and ethics, and would be a great ally to us in the middle east. Im also aware Turks and Kurds have been fighting for a long time and i can never understand the intricacies of that conflict… But i feel confident in saying we failed a people who share ours values and proved themselves to us in battle against a common foe(ISIS)

    • George Ferreira

      @X D I do get your point bro…but oh boy these wars costing us dearly…I hope east can stop being so blood thirsty for their brothers.. that way we can stay out.and fix our in-house issues..

    • ​@George Ferreira I totally agree with you, we might be arguing on this specific subject, but i agree we never should have been there in the first place.
      edit was everything past i agree with you, for clarification.

  3. M.Talaal

    Little did they know they will abandoned by Trump to die at the hands of Turkish forces 3 years later..!!! Thats what “Uncle sam” does when his purpose is fulfilled.. HE STABS YOU IN THE BACK. Thats EXACTLY what they did when USSR got defeated in afghanistan… Thats what america does the best.. lol..

  4. 25.09 Refrandom

  5. Cheryl Cacchione

    Syria been through a enough trump had no reason to pull out so many wars in Syria they had no reason to pull out

  6. AsianDefence

    The Kurds will fight back

  7. Arns Babs

    Poor people

  8. Audio Pervert

    Live by and with violence, hence die because of thew same … America a savage violent empire besieged by various small yet as violent malew dominated clans …

  9. Sean Reed

    Now get ready for turkey

  10. JimiThaJuiceman

    Goodnight Irene

  11. JohnDoe Kassem

    How funny how times change. They were US strong ally in the region, now TRUMP just dropped them like hot. “You’re fired, service no longer needed”. How sad. The sacrifice of relations only to be stabbed in the back.

  12. Ogi Gligic

    America has no friends only interest!

  13. JJ France

    I hate that the US is abandoning the Kurds …things are not going to be pretty for them.

  14. Now they’re abandoned by Trump. Congrats USA!

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