Lest We Forget (Remembrance Day Documentary) | Timeline

A Channel 4 film about West Indian ex-servicemen and women who served in the British forces in both world wars. The personalities include a soldier who fought for the English regiment in WWII, a pilot who joined the ATS, plus other individuals who were in the ground crew in the RAF.

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  1. To all soldiers who fought,
    thank you from generation z and so many others.

    • Kai Harris

      My father, his father and father. Thanku dad, grand and grand grand father.

    • Julieann Decker

      umairah The way you phrased that brought a tear to my eye. Thank you.

  2. Lori lee Hastings

    British very brave fighters 👍


    My grandfather served with the 452nd Anti Aircraft Artillery Battalion. US Army.He was stationed in southern England just prior to the D-Day invasion. And told me about the many fights him and his friends got into with white soldiers. Usually over women.

    • MrShaneVicious

      My grandfather served in the 92nd Infantry Division in Italy during 1944-45 and he used to tell me similar stories.


      @MrShaneVicious His brother was a Montford Point Marine.And when they were occupying Japan after the war there was similar incidents with them having to fight white soldiers and Marines.And the reason, because the white boys got angry whenever Japanese women took a liking to black men.

    • First Last

      Go hang from a tree


      @First Last Go be frog legs on a plate.

    • @MrShaneVicious worst division in the whole war….

  4. Joanne Murphy

    We will always remember and appreciate the great sacrifices they all made for us! ❤🌹

  5. Vierotchka


  6. Vierotchka

    My father fought heroically in both WWI and WWII, my eldest brother fought in WWII, my sister fought in WWII, and my second eldest brother was a pilot in the RAF and was killed in 1942.

    • Claire Papadatos

      Absolute bloody fudging amazing Heroes!
      Why the fudge can’t we appreciate them?
      All sad regrets, Claire

    • Claire Papadatos

      My uncles also!
      They have unfortunately passed away, but they also told me, that they worked ‘as a team’ with ‘the chaps from other lands’!

    • @Claire Papadatos We see your name is Claire. You don’t have to sign off of the post. The nerve of you.

    • Claire Papadatos

      @Marq Mac
      No, my dear!
      Would never ‘sign off’
      I live in a pretty weird situation!
      I have lived in Germany for the last 28 years!
      My English family history is something that I am very proud of, only pretty weird that I’m here!
      My father, and grandfather also ‘fought for peace!’ (Pretty weird when you think about it!)

    • J. Knight

      what is your age if I might ask?

      did any of you who liked and commented this comment even use your brain?

  7. Drakaus Dromgatti

    Gob bless all the human men of the world that were victims of the deep state elite RH- blood lines and their evil schemes.

  8. Cecil Brown


  9. Resologist

    Knew one of the Royal Navy’s intelligence men in the Caribbean, during the Second World War, (who kept tabs on enemy activities there). He had no qualms about the loyalties of the people in the British colonies, there, and never showed any sign of prejudice regarding anyone’s color nor their class. He was a role model to me, (far more than the racist attitudes I had observed in my family and among many in the United States). These racist attitudes still exist today, and need to be extinguished. It’s great to see the segment from the 1943 film “A Welcome To Britain” that sums up the problem, (even if it only tolerates it, “at home”).

    “Now look men – you heard that conversation. It’s not unusual here. That happens quite a lot. Now let’s be frank about it. There are coloured soldiers as well as white here and there are less social restrictions in this country. Just what you heard – an English woman asking a coloured boy to tea – she was polite about it and he was polite about it. Now, look – that might not happen at home, but the point is, we are not at home.”

    • now look at london lol…knife attacks and acid attacks bye these lovely colored people lol…tolerance is the last virtue of a doomed society..we are being invaded and not even putting up a fight lol..thats what we deserve for not fighting


  11. Serapis Christos

    How did winston churchill become prime minister , he according to history had native ” american” blood.

    • Ulf Knudsen

      @scrambo mills
      False. She was part brittish with american (euru/cheroke)

      Or you can awake Mr Churchill and tell him to corect his own word that he written in his memoares.

    • Serapis Christos



      ‘The Focus’.

    • @Ulf Knudsen every american claim Cherokee blood lo…stupid

    • @willl 88 lmao I always say the same thing. Someone at work was bragging about thier Cherokee heritage so I asked everyone at once who has Cherokee blood and literally everyone raised thier hand. It’s just not possible lol especially considering it wasn’t something to even be proud of until maybe the last generation or 2. Nobody respected the native American, it’d be like average white Americans bragging that they had African American blood during the 50s. Sad really.

  12. Beat guy 777

    Those are satanist at 0:18. They come to you in sheep’s clothing. But inwardly they are ravening wolves. The wolf symbolic for Satan. Beware of false prophets you shall know them by their fruit. As it is written in the true word of God.

  13. Stephen Verchinski

    And lost the empire.

  14. Phyllis Simon

    Black people are the most forgiving people on planet earth and I just don’t get it. These people were recruited, left their home, family and friends behind to go to an alien country only to be used, abused and rejected by the host country. Politicians and well as the general public had a problem with blacks in this country and yet here we are talking about pride in a country and it’s people, who to all intents and purposes still regard us as alien after all this time. The way in which they treated the Windrush generation is an excellent example of how blacks are still seen and regarded. Please, let us not be blinded by sentiment!!!

    • J. Knight

      what? what did you write there?
      BLACKs are the most racist people on this planet nowdays, closelly followed by religious nutjobs of islam
      I havent seen any caucasians chopping heads or beating up blacks on tube latelly….

    • BWAHAHA….you have never lived around blacks…your just another stupid liberal who has a view of the world with no experience…if i sent my wife into watts in LA she would be raped and killed…thats a fact

  15. Sharon Holden

    RED TAILS.!!!!!!!

  16. Christine Crockford

    How sad people who came here to help us, were treated in this awful way. We are just humans and what always makes me smile is we all rush to go on holiday to get a tan and look darker. I’m proud to know my grandma treated coloured people with the same respect as anyone else. We were brought up as to know racism was a wicked thing. All the peeps who came and helped us during the war what ever there skin colour are our heroes.

  17. Ronal Rocco

    Wonderful historical perspective.
    Much to be learned on race relations during wartime.1940’s.

  18. Packy Damain

    Enslaved Africans fighting for their slave masters Respect for my West Indian brothers

  19. Becky Sand

    How embarassing, To hijack rememberance day to peddle a race-baiting film. “Lest we forget” one day all that we will remember will be that ‘England is bad and the English are racist’ it’s all we ever hear about them after all. Shame really.

  20. New Style Pirates


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