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  • Local News Update: July 2, 2019

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    What happened at the July Mayor and Commission meeting in Athens, Georgia?

    1 – SPLOST 2020: The Saga Continues
    2 – Wayfair brings 500 living-wage jobs
    3 – Protected bike lanes coming to Hancock Ave
    4 – Judd Drake becomes the new ACC Attorney
    5 – Commission PROTESTED by immigrant right’s groups

    Thanks to Dignidad Inmigrante en Athens (DIA) for the use of their videos! If you speak Spanish, you can check out their website here: https://dignidadinmigrante.wordpress.com/tag/dignidad-inmigrante-en-athens/

    If you’re an English-speaker like me, you can visit the Athens Immigrant Rights Coalition’s website to learn more or make a donation: https://www.athensimmigrantrights.org/

    You can also like DIA’s Facebook page to show support:

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    Check out the source videos from the Mayor and Commission meeting:

    Voting Session (July 2, 2019): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pyqNkK8fis
    Agenda-Setting Session (June 18, 2019): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pArqu64okyg
    DIA’s May 1st Protest at City Hall: https://www.facebook.com/dignidad.enathens/videos/877199362620648/

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    07-02-2019 Regular Session

    A. Roll call (01:38)
    B. Approve Minutes of meeting of Tuesday, June 4 and Tuesday, June 18, 2019 (01:54)
    C. Written communications
    D. Public Comment on Consent Agenda
    E. Mayor & Commission of Consent Agenda (03:14)
    F. Public Comment on Old and New Business (06:08)
    G. Mayor & Commission Discussion of Old Business
    2. ADOPT: Ordinance for North Lumpkin Street - Roadway and loading zone modification (1:08:44)
    19. Request of Carter Engineering Consultants, Inc. for Bulldog Estates, LLC for special use (RV park) (1:10:09)
    20. Renewal of the speed detection device permit and associated documents (1:15:35)
    21. Firefly Trail Project (TSPLOST 2018 Project #6, SP 3.1) - Winterville section construction contract award (1:23:59)
    22. Clayton Street Infrastructure and Transportation Improvements (1:24:34)
    23. Hancock Avenue and College Avenue bicycle facilities (1:25:11)
    24. Intersection improvement concept approval: Hawthorne Avenue at Oglethorpe Avenue (1:43:36)
    25. Stormwater fee review Phase II (1:54:14)
    26. Approval of the projects list, initial project statements, intergovernmental agreement language
    and resolution calling for the imposition of the SPLOST 2020 Program (2:02:00)
    Amendment to Athens In Motion Commission bylaws (2:02:38)
    H. Mayor & Commission Discussion of New Business
    27. Appointments to various boards, authorities, and commissions (BACs) (2:03:08)
    I. Public Comment and Mayor & Commission Discussion on Planning Commission Recommendations
    28. Request of Alan R. Beckley for At-Tarabiyya, Inc. for amendment to special use at 445 Tallassee Road (religious center) (2:06:02)
    29. Request of J. Brian Kimsey/Carter Engineering for Athens Country Club for rezoning at 2700
    Jefferson Road (wholesale nursery) (2:08:51)
    30. Update to official Zoning Map (2:13:41)
    31. Update to official Environmental Areas Map (2:14:43)
    J. Public Comment on Any Item (2:16:02)
    K. Report from Mayor (2:54:30)
    L. Report from Manager (2:56:58)
    M. Report from Auditor (2:57:12)
    N. Report from Attorney
    O. Report from Commissioners (2:57:49)
    P. Adjourn


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