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    Song Used : https://youtu.be/Nhtj7_KaplM

    New Series On My Channel : News Update

    We talk about what’s happening in the world with gaming and people, and me

    Ikson - Paradise

    Ikson - Paradise [FREE TO USE]

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    Your Story, Vol. 3

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    List of tracks by Ikson:
    Ikson Reflect, Ikson Passion, Ikson First Sight, Ikson Breeze, Ikson City, Ikson Together, Ikson Deep Dive, Ikson New Day, Ikson Morning, Ikson Balloon, Ikson Free, Ikson Heights, Ikson Look Up, Ikson Alive, Ikson Sunshine, Ikson Wander, Ikson Blue Sky, Ikson Friends, Ikson With You, Ikson Cruise, Ikson Discover, Ikson Rain, Ikson Journey, Ikson See You, Ikson Libre, Ikson Day Off, Ikson Eclipse, Ikson Dawn, Ikson October Sun, Ikson Utopia, Ikson Lights, Ikson Youth, Ikson Remember, Ikson Home, Ikson Snowflake, Ikson Last Summer, Ikson Galaxy, Ikson Christmas, Ikson Paradise, Ikson Angel, Ikson Reverie, Ikson Skyline, Ikson Bloom, Ikson Heartbeat, Ikson Still, Ikson Leaving, Ikson Buddy, Ikson Coastline, Ikson Explore, Ikson Let Go, Ikson Night, Ikson Thinkin’, Ikson Spring, Ikson Moments, Ikson Outside, Ikson Harmony, Ikson Sunny, Ikson Nowhere, Ikson Bliss, Ikson Early Hours, Ikson Walk, Ikson Lighthouse, Ikson Sunkissed, Ikson Ocean, Ikson Perfect, Ikson Anywhere, Ikson Rooftop, Ikson Calling, Ikson River, Ikson Windy, Ikson Tide, Ikson Stardust, Ikson A While feat. Carl Storm, Ikson Up Here, Ikson Apart, Ikson Horizon, Ikson Good, vlog music,


    Yokiman Go says:

    You should also make the music quieter than you. I can barely hear u
    great video btw

    Arman Nass says:

    I'll try out

    Arman Nass says:

    Also can I plz join GG

    Arman Nass says:

    Also put me in minecraft and fortnite videos plz I have no friends

    Arman Nass says:

    Also shout out my utub channel I'm going to make one soon

    Arman Nass says:

    Can I be on it plz

    GG Mixed says:

    Turn down the music a bit

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