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    About eethan2001
    eethan2001 is the Home of the LEVEL-5 abby and Nintendo Livestreams Provided By X Stream The Power of Apple LEVEL-5 and Nintendo News!
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    1. No Cussing Chat On My Live On My Streams.
    2. You’ll Be Timed Out From The Nintendo Switch Community Channel.
    3. No Trolling from eethan2001.
    4. Be Nice.
    5. Stay Calm.
    6. Cussing is not Allowed in the Nintendo Switch Community Channel
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    ☆Just be nice, really.

    I may occasionally give shoutouts to friends of mine or just channels I really like. This does not give you permission to promote yourself.


    ☆Thanks LEVEL-5 for being awesome!

    Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch Reveal Live Reaction with eethan2001 Featuring OBE1plays

    eethan and OBE Freaking Out About Super Smash Bros Coming To Nintendo Switch


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