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    Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673
    Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255


    James Charles says:

    1) Yes, this response is "planned". I said in the first few minutes of the video that I had an outline of points I needed to hit and I practiced my speaking too. Not trying to hide anything, just had a lot of things to get into one video.
    2) I started taking screenshots of everything when I was in Australia, but I missed a few, and had take a few when I was back in LA. The time zones are 17 hours apart and I tried to make sure I noted every time there was a change but it looks like I missed a timestamp note in the convo with Sam. None of these screenshots are edited. Why would I risk editing a screenshot when the other party could come forward and prove me wrong? All screenshots are in chronological order.
    3) I blink a lot always. This video is no different.
    4) This video is not monetized, in fact, it actually got copyright claimed. Some people are seeing an ad for some reason, I'm sorry I'm really not sure why.

    I appreciate the comments but I don't need #TeamJames. I want to heal and move on from this situation, and I want everyone else involved to be able to do the same. The internet has seen enough negativity over the past few weeks, let's all be respectful please.

    Francesca Lujan says:

    I want that make up palette but mom won't let me get it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Ekko_ Art says:

    PLEASE COME BACK SISTER JAMES WE NEED YOU because anyone else will "never be enough"

    Tilly Benci says:

    😭😭😭😭i love youuu😭😭

    Bonnie Harris says:

    I'm ready to watch your videos agin

    Mr _kittycat says:

    Hello James

    Zahara Noonan says:

    you are amazing

    Gacha Forever 2019 says:

    James Charles You should do something like your Blank Canvas but instead of white do Sister Galaxy

    Brooke Rawle says:

    You have been amazingly strong. For a person so young, you have handled this so well.

    I feel terrible for ever doubting you and taking one side of a story as the true story. Like you said, ‘guilty till proven innocent’.

    Thank you for everything and I hope you have a nice break. You deserve it ❤️

    trinity's adventures says:

    James you are a queen and awsome

    FenderTheBest says:

    Guys….I think James needs his subs back and I'll be Subbing in after this Comment

    Brandon says:

    This influencers buble is scary

    فطيم الظفيري says:

    Ihave same idea: Create an Arabic translation of the upcoming videos for your Arab followers❤️🥺

    Butter_butt 1216 says:

    James said he is a virgin but what about the video with tana and Jeffree the mukbang huh what is that about I'm not going against him but if you are gonna say that make sure there is no evidence that you might be lying or at least address it

    Furious Cupcake says:

    when r u going to put out more makeup videos? we miss u!

    nOt ur hOe says:

    Istg if this was education-

    I’d mf graduate in one day.

    John Gonzalez says:

    Not to be rude but why dose everything revolve around you

    Phillip Lujan says:

    5 min of this video and I've had enough. 👎👎👎

    Emiliano Ibalva says:

    Que asco que el video dice "No Más Mentiras" pero no desmintió nada, sólo justifico sus malas acciones

    Reshzin Orvyn says:

    Me, watching Tati’s video: Ah yes. Drama. Well, I suppose I should wait for a real response video from James before unfollowing

    Me, watching this now: Ah yes. Evidence. Facts. The James I started watching is still the James I see before me now, just a bit more grown up. Good. No need to unfollow then

    Good luck with all this nonsense James, I know how hard it can be to deal with false speculations getting out of hand. May your anxiety lower with time and care

    Brieon Sanders says:

    Welp looks like he just ended tati’s career💀

    Yaxkelle Travieso says:

    Just saying

    Layla Sanchez says:

    Stay strong


    Im mad af cause if i seen him id have no clue until he spoke that he is a guy
    That shit 👎🏾



    lilday says:

    why u talk about this fls when we have climate changing

    Iris says:

    WE MISS YOU ❤️

    Kaylie Velasquez says:

    Finally a video without hi sisters 🤪

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