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  • Pakistan suffering losses due to airspace closure for Indian flights

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    Pakistan is suffering losses due to airspace closure for Indian flights. Pakistan fully closed their airspace in response to the Balakot airstrike by the Indian Air Force in February this year. Watch this video to know more.


    Avinash Tiwari says:

    India Should also close the air space for pakistan .. any way begger country donot know to fight in air does not require closeness , it requires technology

    envsh03 says:

    Pakistan has the right to keep its air space closed -this is not Indian Occupied Kashmir, where the Indian government can force unarmed civilians, to do its bidding!

    holy monk says:

    this won't affect India to do more air strikes on terrorists, poor Pakistan. try something else.

    SRI VELS says:

    Chudiya porkistan….

    Akshay V says:

    500 crore loss fine if we given 10 rupees each a month it will be more than enough.we dont need porikis airspace
    i will give 100 ruppee

    Maddy khan says:

    India jet airways goes bankrupt 😁😁😁

    Maddy khan says:

    Hhahahaha if pak suffers loss then why PIA is in profit and now why jetairways goes bankrupt 😁

    Usman Kamran says:

    Abe chutiye it is India who is suffering losses of millions. India ke gand phate we ha lole Indians.

    Presidency Geology Batch 2015 -18 says:

    Like one guy in TOI comments section said— Scrap the IWT. when faced with shortage of WATER, they will open their airspace, shirts, pants, underpants and then everything. 😂😂😂

    For Mirror says:

    fake news…. Pakistan already open partially since may on indian govt request… check now flight Al143 delhi to paris

    Ankit Kaushik says:

    They taking loan yaar ….who cares! Loans are their …to fill the gaps !

    Kishan Kumar says:

    Porki pura dara hua hai abhi tak. Ek hi bar me porki ko aukat pata chal gaya

    Play and creativity with me says:

    Passengers can shell out a few extra bucks than the risk of flying through a terrorist country airspace…keep it closed forever but we will attack them if there is any terrorist attack on our country

    sanaa heydar says:

    If both are suffering losses why did you mentioned only Pak in Title !!!

    Gurnani Hiren says:

    Pakistan is losing 100 M$
    India is losing 500M$ also

    Partha Dey says:

    This moronic effort to divert international pressure on compelling Indian prowess is stormed out of those ill fed Porki brains. They better be at their hit and runs with local AKs and die the death of insolent leeches with failure as their last breath!

    bruce lee says:

    let the piss drinkers die in their own urine they have water shortage soon all of india will be using urine water

    ka8587 says:

    They will prefer to die and begging than make easy money.

    Zeeshe100 says:

    why your ass is in pain

    Azad jamu & Kashmir says:

    Who is suffering???
    Get your fects right, Pakistani airspace will remain close for India until Indiana government shows it is taking concrete steps towards peace, addressing the core matters including peaceful solution of Kashmir,

    Hahaha funny says:

    WHAT? what about "Air India" …. it has reportedly lost more than 500 crore since the closure of the airspace. This channel is bias to the point of becoming useless

    SEM 4646 says:


    srinivasan ranganathan says:

    Pakistan is not bothered about its losses because the aim has always been to trouble India. They are prepared to lose both eyes as long as India loses at least one. So is the mindset of the army generals of Pakistan. Hatred is the edifice on which Pakistan was conceived and hatred will be the basis for their destruction as well. Lies, fraud, and hatred are the tools Pakistan uses for chiselling out a terrorist. Now they have perfected the art they are made an institute that churns out and exports terrorists.

    amir kiani says:

    Another lie because India request to Pakistan yesterday and Pakistan refuse to open till 31 July so India Media making fool to Indian people look Pakistani facing huge losses. Really Indian media is liar and joker think Indian people and Pakistani people r fools. And making lies. Lol lol lol. Pakistan zindabad

    Sukruth N S sukruth narayana swamy says:

    They have themselves made it way to punish all by themselves only – economically and diplomatically till they continue their Rivalry against India and that too through the eyes of Hindu-muslim rivalry and not Indo-pak rivalry

    Priya khanna says:

    Wion beauru bhenchod who gave randians permission to have beauru in pakistan this is alarming imran khan close wion in pakistan

    Sunil Chowta says:

    good news. pakistan should pay the price, what they have done to us for so many years.

    ashish sodani says:

    If pakistan says there is nothing happened like Balakot attack by INDIA then why they closed their airspace??😂😂😂😂why pakistan is saying that "India should remove jet fighters from its forward airbases"??😂😂😂😂😂

    TheNationalLeague says:

    Dear WION,

    So how much loss is India facing?

    P.S all these scooty walas that are saying keep the air space closed, clearly they have never flown and will never fly.

    Code Destiny says:

    Common 450 cr losses for air India

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