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  • PFT Top 30 Storylines: Will Tyreek Hill face suspension? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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    The fate of Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill remains uncertain as Roger Goodell and the NFL continue to investigate the situation. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #KansasCityChiefs #Tyreek Hill #RogerGoodell
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    PFT Top 30 Storylines: Will Tyreek Hill face suspension? | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


    Scott Vansel says:

    The biggest mind blower in that whole 11 minute conversation is the facthateven though he had no ideas she was recording him he never,not once took the bait..Actually it was quite opposite..He would fire right back at her with a question of his own..She was didging more bullets that Forrest Gump in Vietnam..The reason she wasn't answering any of the quistions was because she did know that the conversation was being recorded so she she played run,hide and duck with Tyreek.k

    Shawn Kurtz says:

    Dude did you even listen to the full audio clip. He adamantly denies what h.c happened in 2014. Hey guess what it's been proven that Crystal is mentally unstable. How about you realise that she completely dodged Tyreeks repeated questioning on if he hit her. You guys are ridiculous, the audio is out and you can be mad over him saying what he said to her in the previously EDITED clip but you cant continue to try and tear the man down after getting the full context of what happened. You guys are a joke.

    Brendan Andre says:

    Hey Mike I think I see a now hiring sign in the window at KCTV5

    Deion Marion says:

    Back off Tyreek Hill

    joseph martinez says:

    Kind of sounds like Florio thinks Hill won't face any suspension, with his comment about wanting to keep the best players on the field. Also, Reuben Foster didn't face any suspension with his recent trouble with the law.

    Dan Paul says:

    This "journalist" cares about his agenda, facts be damned.

    John Robinson says:

    He want tyreek hill suspended so bad its sad

    Shafigh Bahamin says:

    He is a disgrace to journalism and sports commentary!

    nate k says:

    Why hasn't there been more PFT uploads this week?

    Elton Wilson says:

    Do your job journalist.

    David Hernandez says:

    He needs to be suspended at least 6 or more games

    anssi heiskala says:

    This Dude hitting women…is it ok in usa????

    docJ703 says:

    Clearly you haven’t listen to or care about the new evidence that’s come out. The full context of the conversation has come out as well as her motives are out there. KCTV5 “apology” was more of a “you caught me be I won’t admit to wrong doing” apology. The head guy even admitted that his fiancé (might be ex at this point) that she recorded this as” her insurance policy. She wanted to have something to fall back on if the relationship fell apart”. Plus he’s admitted to not committing the 2014 charge he pled to. Now some people will say “but he pled guilty”, you have to look at it like this… trials cost money. Money was something he didn’t have at the time so the fastest way for this to go away is to cop a plea deal. I’m certain his legal counsel told him this and he listen to their legal advice. Nationally there’s one narrative, but it’s the local, though KCTV5 isn’t to be as trusted anymore because they released an edited and omitted the part where he says that he wouldn’t hurt his son in life. Local news is where you get the real details and not the spin they use for clicks.

    Thomas Gavin says:

    I notice you completely ignore the full audio released yesterday. Must not fit your narrative since you've been biased against hill since the story broke

    Dre Pryor says:

    Man this dude trying so hard to make Tyreek a Villain.. Give it up the full 11min audio tape is out now…while we may never know the full truth one thing we do know is he’s not that monster the media tried to make him out to be. At this point you just don’t want to admit you were wrong.

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