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  • Ravi Shastri To Present Before COA Over India's Loss In WC 2019 | ABP News

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    Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri is an Indian cricket coach, former commentator, cricketer and current head coach of the Indian national cricket team. As a player, he played for the India national cricket team between 1981 and 1992 in both Tests and ODIs.
    #RaviShastri #WorldCup2019 #India’sLoss

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    Ihtisham Khan says:

    It is not COA it is CEO… Plz correct it… This is your national news channel…


    Dhoni Dhoni Dhoni is the best player

    Mahadeb Das says:

    Dhoni ko aur 5 sal khelna chahiye .

    Rishu Madhesia says:

    Dhoni is best

    azim balbale says:

    Dhoni aisa player h jo srf khada rah ground p to b uski decision ka bht faida h

    mukhtar ali says:

    Dhoni ko bi ap retirement Lena chahiye…..

    Snehil Prasad says:

    This match was all about temperament can't understand y asking about dhoni strike rate bowling pitch 240 ka Target guys Kane ND Taylor dono k strike rate same the dhoni jitni hi agar Kohli rohit pant hardik dk ek bhi in me se dhoni jitna hi strike rate rkh k 50 mrdeta wkt na deta to Sunday final hote ..

    anil singh says:

    Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli are playing politics in team..

    Loladiya Hitu says:

    Coch in Garry cashtan

    Sameer Verma says:

    I opened this video only to dislike it.
    Worse Journalism.

    Loladiya Hitu says:

    Rohit ko captan banao

    Loladiya Hitu says:

    Sastri ko nikalo

    Rajesh Ali says:

    Dhoni ko india tim me chaye captain ke rup me

    Satyam Photo says:

    Bus Karo drama baji all players coach bcci are saleable nobody is honest

    Sachin Tehlan says:

    England ke opposite to okkkk position thi na to kya hua tha….b.c match harwa Kar ab bahane khatam nhi ho the….Australian team 5 Baar world champion h semi final me buri Tarah haari wahan to koi darama hua Nahi sayad na to no. 4 ke liye na no. 5 ke liye….saala sab apni jimmedaari se bhaag rahe h….b.c 2015 me to semifinal me bhi nhi gye the lodu b.c tab dhoni hi tha na captain

    Syed akram ulla says:

    Get lost…. if India would have won you people wouldn’t have asked this question or debate on this… there are professionals they do there best for our country.. I wish news anchor also should learn there responsibility..
    And focus on right things not on TRP
    Love you indian Team .. I love my 🇮🇳

    Asad Jamal says:

    Chief selector ko kitna experience hai..?
    Unki jgh Ganguly Aur Dravid jaise log ko lao…
    Kumble ko hatana sbse badi Galati…

    Bhim Adhikari says:

    जो हुवा सो हुवा किहु बार बार रोते हो world cup के लिए गल्ती एक का नहि हे कोच और टिम का हे किसि एक खेलाडी का गल्ती से भारत world cup नहि हारा हे

    Md Anas says:

    Ravi Sastri ko coach se hatao

    tapan kr ghosh says:

    CEO vinod rai khud hi corropt hai aur dogla Ravi shashtri uska agent, vinod, shashtri aur kohali ki tikri Indian cricket ko barbad kar raha hai……… Besharam saale!……

    Abhishek Jangid says:

    kitna bhe bok le kute bap to kohli or dhoni he rhenge

    akela indian says:

    3 wicketkeeper playing in semis 🤔 shami best bowler in indian team kept out …… hard 2 digest 🤔

    Abhishek Jangid says:

    news channel wale bkwss kr rhe h

    Abhishek Jangid says:

    news channel wale bkwss kr rhe h

    Mahesh Bhatt says:

    Dhoni is best…

    Abhishek Jangid says:

    kohli always best as captain and batsman captancy achi the likin batsman ne haraya

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