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  • Reds end the season with Wolves win | Liverpool 2-0 Wolves | Premier League

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    The Reds ended their 2018-19 league campaign with a win over Wolves at Anfield thanks to a brace from Sadio Mane.

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    Vijay Iyer VJ says:

    6 times!!!!!!

    Sean Vieira says:

    "Oh he hit the bar!" One of the funniest commentary deliveries I've ever heard. Perfect!

    Jack Payne says:

    I just hope this is the start, not the end

    pape kassé says:

    Arnold is the new Goat

    حسين سالمان says:

    have a nice sesson

    Sid Cannon says:

    The football under Jurgen has been vastly a joy to watch for the last two years at least … Hopefully we'll have a pot to show for it come June 2nd … but fair play to Wolves … if certain teams don't improve, Wolves could be banging hard on the top 6 door next season.

    Zaki Ahmed says:

    Come on Liverpool we are going to beat the bottlers

    LFC Spectre says:

    Ohh it hit the bar!

    goose loose says:

    If the team is on track to not win the league next year the club should create a memorial next to the Hillsborough memorial commemorating not winning the league for 30+ years

    RM Gaming says:

    We deserved a trophy this season UCL Coming up

    Andrica Ion says:

    We are here but Barca still is waiting for the corner

    easy life says:

    Im a liverpool fan but i say i wish and hope to see them the champion of C/L have some respect to spurs please

    รุ่งทิวา ดุจนาคี says:


    Mawloud Hacib says:

    Thanks Liverpool ❤

    Mads Brorson says:

    I swear, if someone told me after the Napoli game back in december, that Sadio Mané would be joined topscorer, i would’ve called them a mad man

    No joke

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