Returning to Chernobyl (2004)

In the Shadow of Chernobyl: Nearly twenty years after the Chernobyl disaster, the region is starting to get back to normal. It even has it's own burgeoning tourist industry.

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The InterInform Hotel in Pripyat may not be five star, but it is booked solid for much of the year. "The Japanese joke it is the Chernobyl Hilton," laughs tour guide Rimma. Hundreds of curious holidaymakers are keen to visit the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster. The region also receives around 2,000 aid visits a year. It's boom time for those prepared to work here. Tour prices to Chernobyl have recently increased fourfold. "I came here to earn money," states the owner of a small guesthouse. "I told my doctor I wasn't afraid. I think a little radiation is good for you." With radiation levels in some places still dangerously high, tour guide Rimma always keeps a Geiger counter close by. Like many of the workers, she works two weeks in Chernobyl and then spends two weeks in the countryside to recover. Many consider the idea of exploiting such a massive disaster jarring, but there are plenty willing to capitalise on this new found success.

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  1. Kevin Kev

    Umm this isnt the title I clicked on in my update. Somethin about new YT HQ .. not this Chernobyl video. Weird.

  2. Cindy Pittman

    Will the radiation level ever drop to a safe level everywhere or is this permanent affect?

    • Tokinaboot Yammaddy

      Depends on the Element and Isotope Cindy.
      Most of the lighter elements have decayed to minimal levels.
      The heavy elements will still be firing off 200,000 + years from now.
      Other than walking around with a Geiger counter, you’d never know where it is or how radioactive it is.

  3. cbjgdicad1

    First time I’ve seen khabib nurmagomedovs hat as a hairstyle

  4. bat ibat's

    Nggo ndekah the nhu tang kin kin lot dangerous? Sendah kas khalak medalan kuidah the

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