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  • Saviour Mukesh Ambani's Son Akash Ambani | Humanity | Thunder On Road

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    Really Thankful To Mukesh Ambani’s Son Akash Ambani, He Saves One Biker’s Life. One Biker Met With An Accident. Every Car Owners Refused To Stop A Car, But Akash Ambani Stopped His Car. Then He And His Medical Team Done First Aid Treatment To Biker. After That His Team Took Biker To Nearest Hospital Also. Great Job By Akash Ambani. Really Hats Off To HIm.

    Akash Ambani Seen In This Video At Time 6:04.

    Please Wear Helmet For Your Safety. Take Care Of Your Head, Not Everyone Gets A Replacement Like Ganpati Bappa.

    Please Follow Traffic Rules, It Will Save Someone’s Life. 85% Accident Held Due To Human Errors In India. We Only Can Reduce The Percentage Of Accident.

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    Thunder On Road says:

    Please Wear Helmet For Your Safety. Take Care Of Your Head, Not Everyone Gets Replacement Like Ganpati Bappa..
    Dosto, Akash Ambani seen at 6:04 time.. near to old man who wear glasses..



    Zeeshan Hyder says:

    Hindi me bol na re gaandu….

    DigaDiga Films says:

    PR ka Matlab jante ho ?

    ATUL WAGH says:

    Only Ambani Brands Nava ne pn motha ani Mannane pn motha Manus

    Deepu Goswami says:

    In front of camera everyone is neat and clean..

    blue whale says:

    I like ambani..he is good guy

    Kshitij Singh says:

    Pese se ameer ho na ho dil se ameer ho to bat hi or hoti h hats off Ambanis ….

    preeti saini says:

    Don't judge people just bcoz you heard things about them… Judge people from what you see… Three cheers to Mukesh Ambani son… God bless him… It shows they are inculcated with beautiful upbringing…

    ashfak shaikh says:

    Parvarish ka asar hai Salam sir g

    sainand sawant says:

    Sahi ahe Dada

    Ambani is he is so rich then also he likes to help to normal people

    Hats off Ambani Family

    noor mohammad says:

    Why 1.1k dislike

    Kusum Kumari says:

    Good job… Please wear helmets.. For ur safety.. For your family who will b waiting….. So please….
    Slash Ambani has done a very good job as a citizen… Very appreciable

    Tngen Riangshiang says:

    Ambani's hav a good heart dats y dey r rich……love themmm….god bless their familys

    sonigara yash says:

    Really such a nice person

    M. D says:

    Respect to u fr asking everyone to wear helmet,n for Akash ambani to help n show his kindness☺️

    Aryan Rai says:

    Ambani Family is A Pride of India. 🤘

    Amanda Rodrigues says:

    No one is asking a vehicle to stop.. I can c people signing the people to move forward

    GAMEROID says:

    bhenchode mumbai ki public helpfull h salo tum sab 1 din india s alag ho jaoge

    Yogii News says:

    Thats very good Akash.., keep up the good work

    raj rajesh says:

    It's happy to hear that ..

    Akubha says:

    we gujarati always helpfull for alll

    HARSH SaRaN says:

    Aabee hindi bol le kya bakk raha hai kuch samj nahi a rha. Our tujhe pta hai ke sabko nahi ayega fir bhi chutiya sala

    Roh17 adwin says:

    Bahut badiyaa bhai… Salamm karata hai apan…

    Vibhuti Audichya says:

    why this people standing could not take him to hospital 😔???

    LINES TELECOM sellers of landline telephones says:

    I respect Ambaniji Family

    Rajesh Vaidya says:

    Ambani 👍

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