Struggling to Breath (2003)

Thousands of people die of Tuberculosis everyday and countless more are repeatedly infected.

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Every year, thousands of South Africans die of tuberculosis, despite the fact that it is totally curable. Many patients contract the disease on multiple occasions during their lifetime because they fail to complete their cycle of medication. Patients are given differing advice from traditional healers and doctors, leaving them confused and not knowing who to trust.

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SABC Special Report – Ref. 1766

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  1. I thought they had vacinations for tb? pretty sure i got one after i got into a fight with a deranged pit bull well walking home, i had the stab it to death but it ripped my arm open.

  2. Joan Berry

    So heartbreaking!

  3. Rasiel Suarez

    Um, shouldn’t title be “Struggling to breathe”? Breath is a noun

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