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  • Terraria Mobile 1.3 Beta News Update [iOS, Android]

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    Terraria Mobile 1.3 Beta News Update [iOS, Android]

    Some last minute news about the Mobile 1.3 beta test coming up for Terraria Mobile! The winners of the selective beta will be announced on July 11th at noon, but between now and then absorb what the folks at Re-Logic were saying about the beta this week.

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    Terraria 1.3 - Chlorophyte Farm How-To (With Farm Time Lapse)

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    In Terraria, by the end of the game, odds are that you'll want to farm large amounts of chlorophyte. If you're willing to travel to the jungle, plant countless torches, and fight off jungle enemies, then that's one way. But in Terraria you can also farm chlorophyte anywhere underground. All you need is some chlorophyte ore and some mud. This video shows you how to do it.

    Want to learn more about chlorophyte? Check out the wiki page at the Terraria wiki:

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    The blazer Lolzer says:

    I literally just registered in

    Random Plays says:


    Moewist3 says:

    Can you make a video on the beta winners?please if you can

    FootLettuceGod says:

    I bought android a while back and I bought iOS like a 3 years ago

    Sasuke says:

    The thing is, if everyone is able to get the beta, more people can spot bugs and glitches to help the process go faster

    Tragon says:

    I clicked faster than you can say "mobile 1.3"

    Plague Doctor says:

    Since moblie 1.3 coming that means 1.3.6 should not be issue a year's long one alteast a couple months pls

    EpicRobloxian says:

    Mobile 1.3 : exists
    Every flipping human that plays on mobile : Y E E T

    Sally Berania says:

    wuts the ID of terraria on discord?

    NerdNeck says:

    As all the other comments say, im a simple man i see mobile 1.3 i click

    rozilla games says:

    I have mobile

    LeoDahSlayer says:

    The advantage of living in a third world country is that you can get games like at 50% of their price due to the economy malfunctioning.
    That works only in Steam tough…

    〖 La-Mown 〗 says:

    After year’s and year’s and year’s. It’s finally here 🙂

    Saxo Fan says:

    What version of terraria are you using?

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