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  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Livestream – First Time Playing – Backseat gaming allowed

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    Chris Hopkins says:

    Glad to see you play something new, enjoy Skyrim. I wish i could enjoy a first time play through of this great game again.

    Melkor' Chosen says:

    No way I missed it 🙁

    Son Of Odin says:

    You lucky bastard, I would love to play Skyrim for the first time again.

    Spencer Rees says:

    I didn't think there was anyone who hadn't played Skyrim! It's the best game ever, I wish I could experience this game for the first time again. Enjoy!!

    life haks says:

    That bow is so lame. Glad you are playing Skyrim though.

    Jaike Rosser says:

    Yea man been waiting for the day that you play an elder scrolls game, I hope you like it.

    Dat boi evan is craycray says:

    Its the plant making the noise

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