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  • The moment Barca KNOCKED Manchester United out of the Champions League! Barcelona 3-0 Man United

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    Im sorry it took this long to make but here is my first experience at a Champions League game in the Camp Nou! An outstanding performance from Lionel Messi with x2 goals and a signature Coutinho shot to wrap up Barcelona’s night and send us to the semifinals of the Champions League!

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    Intro Song: Ronaldinho – JXSE

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    JXSE - Ronaldinho


    Produced by Dario Santana.

    Filmed by @__kirx & Directed by @itsjmal

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    Puzzling Gamer says:

    Is Georgina the same off camera

    Ashwin Patil says:

    Did crowd really cheered when De ligt scored ??

    Sri Harsha says:

    Quality content bro…

    jboys says:

    Hey BugaLuis, why was people whistling while the anthem played – I thought that was strange?

    Bryson Sabun says:

    Congratulations for watching this LIVE, visca el Barca

    Elliot Levi says:

    Bro I saw you on Barcelona’s Chanel

    David Murai says:

    you must have had a great time there

    Adelaine Lavala says:

    Thanks for sharing! You were very close.

    Ndwalu says:

    0:13 Do you know her Buga??

    David Rojas says:

    Awesome video bro

    Fr00zen 9 says:

    0:14 is that the girl in Barcelonas videos?

    salifou ibrahim says:

    nice video bro

    Umang Hamzasuleman says:

    When smiling!! Think about Liverpool!!!

    Agni Bhattacharyya says:

    Buga thanks for this fantastic video, absolutely loved it, I think I might go for a trip to barca too by the end of this year, any suggestions for nearby places to visit other than nou camp? (I am Indian btw)

    Agni Bhattacharyya says:

    Shit u met Georgina?

    Cikun Sports says:

    Bugaluis was shown on the fc barcelona official you tube page

    Dimityr Lefterov says:

    FC Barca YouTube Themselves

    Cikun Sports says:

    Ey buraz luis i saw you on the fc barcelona site I screen shotted your picture you were filming and that blond lady was talking it's was a glance but I couldn't believe it

    Anik Sarder says:

    What's the name of the song when the video starts

    Elijah Emmanuel says:

    0:13 Georgina 🤩😍😊

    junior scofield says:

    you are at the official fc barcelona YT-channel 🙂

    . , min 1:06

    Abdlxd Salxzy says:

    My dream is to go to this stadium before Messi retires

    Hamzah Hussain says:

    No "coma ESTAN buga is here" in this video 😨

    Henry Idahagbon says:

    You were in the video Barça posted on their YouTube

    Hamzah Hussain says:

    Wow you met the lady from barca media 😱

    Hamzah Hussain says:

    I was thinking about how mad of an experience you must be having during the game! What a legendary game

    #BugaLuisFC says:

    This is my very first vlog I've done. I aim to keep improving as I do more for the channel! I'll be going to the game against Real Sociedad as well! Leave any feedback and additions you would like me to for the next game! Thanks for watching and remember I am forever grateful which give the possibility and motivation to invest and take risks on opportunities like this!

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