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  • The xCloud Console, Lives

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    Microsoft hasn’t pulled the plug on its cloud console…yet.

    RIP Lockhart Info: – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xAQxJBc7sc

    OG: Cloud console writeup – https://www.thurrott.com/xbox/163896/details-microsofts-xbox-scarlett-game-streaming-service#

    RIP Xbox Lockhart

    A change in plans means it's one console going forward.
    Full writeup - https://www.thurrott.com/xbox/208837/microsoft-shifts-xbox-focus-to-one-next-gen-console


    Brad Sams says:

    What would you pay for an xCloud Home console?

    marty8370 says:

    PS5 day one, Next Crapbox is pointless

    Brian Owczarek says:

    I'm interested to see if this works well. I have fast internet and still need to use Ethernet cable to stream uncharted with exceptable latency

    You Tube viewer says:

    His mouth is weird from sucking Thurrott's dick.

    Dingles McPringles III says:

    Why do you always look like you're about to cry? You look like the product of Toby from The Office and Jerri Blank from Strangers with Candy.

    Brian Owczarek says:

    Ps5 primary and Xcloud for gamepass next gen

    Billyakira says:

    You know what keep this streaming shit almost nobody's ready for it, and the internet definitely is not ready in most of the world, give me native gaming anyday with physical media option that's where ms needs to step up their game in the 1st party titles

    Steve Gonzalez says:

    If it’s cheap enough I would buy this for the extra rooms in my house.

    Mohammed Diallo says:

    I'd buy that + Scarlett.

    Juston Cheney says:

    So Microsoft is making their own chrome cast?

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