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  • Vanguard News + Errata Update (July 10, 2019)

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    Sauce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Zxxgq2NExY

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    週刊ヴァンガ情報局 ~第61回~


    アニメに関するお話や、最新カード情報、イベント情報など、「カードファイト!! ヴァンガード」のあらゆる最新情報をお届けする番組!

    ヴァンガードの伝道師 ドクター・オー


    Volroc Destinos says:

    Ahmes… ah mess of a clan… I see what you did there perfect

    Papi The Harpy says:

    Kinda sucks that globe magus got nerf'd like that. I liked being able to check the top card whenever I wanted

    Trigger Check says:

    In regards to Vanguard Zero
    I saw in the Japanese YT channel on those commercials between episodes news about Zero coming out in 2019

    Rayz VG says:

    Wait, you forgot about the new characters from Vanguard EX

    Demon The Kitsune says:

    You forgot about no update support for Neo Nectar and Angel Feather in CFV EX. Seem like Kourin is the only UR waifu we need in meta online matches.

    Liberator-san says:

    Ahmes of the clan… I see what you did there. Guess that means Shadow Paladin will now heavily rely on Blaster Dark…

    Oscar Ortega says:

    Vanguard Zero… :'/

    Mystic-Guard says:

    Still just waiting in a corner for the rest of 2019 schedule in hopes if gear Chronicle getting decent support

    windwaker0rules says:

    i think i would rather an infinite loop than seeing nothing but ichi spam from ott

    Wslasher says:

    What the new errata changes:
    1. Bulwark now can retire Blaster blade (If Gancelot Peace Saver isn't face-up in the G Zone) & most restanding rearguards before they restand (retire from guardian happen before end of battle)
    2. Bulwark no longer counters the new Ichikishima, instead Ichikishima now counter Bulwark (because its no longer at end of battle) .
    3. Amaterasu can now gain +5k every time Globe Magus effect resolve
    4. V-Euryale can soul charge every time Globe Magus's ability resolves (you can drive check, peek the next card, soul charge it before you drive check again).

    Ginja Ninja A.K.A FME2003 says:

    Love the vids also first

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