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  • WATCH: All Eyes On ISRO's Chandrayaan-2 Mission As India Gets Set To Head To the Moon

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    Lord GayHind says:

    No one cares for 4th place.

    Medals are given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

    sai raj goud says:

    ISRO is Kohinoor of New India 🇮🇳🤫❤️💖👈👌👏

    Haran Sivasambu says:

    Monday a special full moon
    .GURU.POORNIMA.. my prayer and blessing for successful mission.SIVAN. will. take it there

    Shantie Maharaj says:

    Long live our great land great mind and great achievements jai hind all indians should b elated

    Johnny akhtar says:

    People are dying in india because of no food or shelter and Indian government going to moon it just shows how much they care about the poor people …there's no cow's on the moon for sure.

    1978arty Ttot says:

    After the heartbreak loss of worldcup cricket..i hope this scientific mission will console the soul of millions of youths of India. Wishing luck for the next gen moon mission.


    The newsreader might be fresher, speaking English very bad.

    Lucky Boyo says:

    kya chodu reporting hai ye?? these are the pictures of Chandrayan-2??? launch ke pahale hi pictures dikha rahe hoo?? just say simulation! benchod kaab taak english mein bullshit karte rahooge???? Indians are okay with this kind of bullshit! Listen to Kohili's speech after the end of the WC match in semis and learn something dickheads media!


    Great great and as an INDIAN I am very happy about this mission….LONG LIVE INDIA AND ISRO….WE ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD….

    Samir Boruah says:

    How about Sophia

    Jag Singh says:

    Can't wait

    Nanik Mahbubani says:

    Superb Technology ,proud to be Indian, wish all the success. Jai Bharat.

    pratibha sharma says:

    Best of luck to isro , go and hv a cup of tea with moon. 😘😘👍🙏
    Jai hind jai Maa Bharti

    Vasanth Krishna Kumar Bera says:

    जै भारत्

    K A says:

    Feeling proud n goosebumps…😍

    Sudeep A says:

    India rise 😊😊

    Rajan singh says:

    Who will be jealous?….Suni Muslim of the Punjab region of Pakistan 😁

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