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  • Why Blame Team India For The World Cup Loss? | The Debate With Arnab Goswami

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    Rocking Schocking says:

    Put this blame also on Hafiz Saeed and ISI……. 😶

    Ajay Kumar Das says:

    It's a game, that's too a knockout, Australia too lost…I don't blame anyone..just one bad day..

    Alex James says:

    Where is arnab

    babulalsuryakant sharma says:

    Why not?? we will blame them for their blunder mistakes.. It's our love,, money, craze that what they are today — our HEROES….They played worst , without any responsibility. –like match fixing… they deserve criticism too.

    subramanayam s says:

    dear all cricket is entailment game. why debate on this issue. whoever play well they will win. are you intellectuals or imbeciles. we have nothing do cricket skills. winning and loosing part of sport. let me ask you strait question . what way winning and losing of matches will fulfill the basic needs of poor people. 11 pools have not done well, so 120 crores of should worry for that?. no one talk international athletes from athletics, no one bothers. are we pools or people with sense. no bothers soldier dies in border firing. no one bothers if poor person does without food. no worries about child labours. no one worries correption. this is difference between forwarding countries and back ward countries. are we crazy. these news channels die for their popularity of their channel. people should introspect. it does not mean that I am discouraging sports. but this is not everything.

    Dinesh Murugeshan says:

    From the beginning I felt Rahane was better in the middle order…

    singh singh1 says:

    Sc to blame why was Dinesh kartik and chahal kept playing when they was playing so badley

    singh singh1 says:

    Yes management and selection committee is the one to blame

    singh singh1 says:

    The only person to blame is shastri so called coach

    singh singh1 says:

    Anyone who blames dhoni ji is either mad,stupid or both dhoni ji is the best India has produced in any sence

    Mohd Yawar says:

    there is nothing wrong in reviewing the performance of the team, this may help them identify their weakness(no 4 batsmen has been a constant struggle for the team) and they can go ahead to prepare for the next big tournament.

    moji i says:

    Right to grill Shastri

    Racker Lee says:

    Listen man Ambati Rayudu retired n they should b asked bcz they end d career of a player man d selectors..

    Hakkaishin Goku25 says:

    Cricket is a game, not a sport, its a game played by filthy rich fat gentlemen.

    Nidhi Patel says:

    Questions should be raised, cos it's not the first time this has happened but also in many semifinal n finals in similar fashion, so it's definitely the high time to raise questions, they have to be answerable as they are loved n adored by 1 million ppl

    kuldeep Phoenix says:

    Kick dhoni out from the national team .He doesnt knw anything about how to rotate strike in death overs …Most sutpid player in the world …He take india out of wc… He the only one who is responsible for the lose……BCCI should throw him out from the team …..😡😡😡

    Daniel Archer says:

    Where is arnab

    Pupun Jena says:

    we have urgent things to discuss about other than cricket…watch enjoy and forget… why make it a national issue…

    Patriotic Indian says:

    And please can we stop calling the India team the men in blue ,they are now the men in Blue and Saffron .

    Patriotic Indian says:

    I agree with accountability ,the same should be with every politician,government employee etc .

    shannon smith says:

    CHOKERS !!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Domino Effect . NZ played well , looking forward to England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 New Zealand 🇳🇿 Finals . 😘🏆🎖🏅

    John Atwood says:

    I blame arnab for the lost he shd have played there

    Srinivas Govindaswamy says:

    Match fixing by Kohli Rahul and Rohit. They should be kicked out

    Satyam Jagat Sundaram Baba says:

    Public to bhenchod aise react karte hai jaise lavda baki koi teams hai hi nahi world me…direct India ko dila dena chahiye WC, matches bhi kyu khelna.

    Dr Pyne says:

    Overconfident and proud-feeling of Captain and few others in the team in last few matches as evident from their body language is THE MAIN cause of this debacle. They beat Pakis and thought won the world cup ?? Rubbish. No excuse for the team. TEAM to blame only, not selectors and administrators (they have done their job in selecting a Brilliant team). Team should understand that till the Cup is in hand, the game is not over. Need to be serious in every front. Batsman showed no seriousness of a SEMI-FINAL category knockout match. So all works till reaching the Top in the league is just waste. People remember only Winners, my friends! No pardon to Three beginning openers !!

    Jay Er says:

    Panel is shit.. should have got cricketers who would have had better insight into technicalities.

    punit mahajan says:

    Indian team played very well and were on top in terms of points. Anything can happen on a day. We proud of our team. Scrutiny will be done internally by management and thats fair. To all who are commenting otherwise , please go and play ranji trophy , if you do well there then play IPL and then try to get into indian team then come back and comment. Good luck

    life easy S says:

    I am jobless unemployed btech mechanical engineer graduate applying for upsc and all other exam and pay 100rs for registration.

    Krishnan Madabushi says:

    They were lucky to reach where they did… After dhawan's exit… It was a one man batting unit of rOhit… Backed up by top class bowling… You had people like Karthik manning crucial positions… Disaster (waiting to happen) happened at an inopportune moment….

    kavitha... says:

    Its a fact that , even after having world class batsmen our team fail to give a good fight. lacks the spirit of sportsmanship, clever strategies & brave attitude like do or die type aggressiveness. But nobody care to fix it.

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