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  • Why ‘mera joota hai Japani’ syndrome bedevils India’s military, and how to shake it off

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    The past 20 years under 3 PMs have shown us the defence budget won’t go higher than 1.5% of GDP, plus pensions. Can it buy us real defence, not jugaad?

    Read National Interest here: https://theprint.in/national-interest/why-mera-joota-hai-japani-syndrome-bedevils-indias-military-and-how-to-shake-it-off/262464/

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    Chirag Baukhandi says:

    Bhaarat shaked you off in 2019 elections. Remember???

    mandar says:

    India needs to grow it's economy really fast to increase it's tax revenue.
    India is not spending more on defense due to lack of money.

    Krishna Kabrawala says:

    Pakistan has enough war equipements just because their army rules their country. Also India is very big country and it need more resources to spend their public sector plus India sepnd money wisely and aslo mistakes and corruption of previous governments led to this situation.

    Pankaj Badola says:

    Good analysis. We need to reduce manpower in military invest in technology and create special ops teams with specific requirements

    Bimal Mishra says:

    Pakistan's 1000yrs war on India REMASTERED.

    Ajay sharma says:

    भारत एक 'जुगाडू' देश है। यह सच है। राम राम।


    We are buying Rafaels .Submarines S 400 Frigates Poseison Apache Chinook So what is Shekhars Problem ? Always criticize the govt .In 2012 to bring down Gen V..K Singh Then COAS, a false report of 2 columns of Army marching towards Delhi was cooked up.With all due respects hv yu not got over the hangover??

    avib369 says:

    Why oh why do keep importing defence equipment. We have have no faith in our own defence equipment. Just look at the contrast with China.

    Murali Chandran says:

    it is not like decayed journalism where when we want money we will start playing the tune of the source from where the money is coming. talking is easy as you know. can you not think about countering BJP tomorrow. why not?? this is the cancer left by your bosses. now BJP will definitely find the way out of it. please read "India under Siege" then you will be able to understand partial truth about who were have been believing that they were our saviours.

    Sasidharan Karthikeyan says:

    If our government takes out money from wasteful subsidies, we can see some improvements in defence spending. But who's ready to do that in a country that reveres agriculture and socialism.

    Dubito says:

    India should start manufacturing weapons in house. This will create employment and save foreign exchange. Work towards peace than war, negotiations for peace with all our neighbors is very important. The Army is like a white elephant reduce the number of personnel and rework the pension schemes. Invest more in education and agriculture.

    Ripudaman Verma says:

    We have more pressing challenges than unnecessary waste on buying weapons!

    Anil Gautam says:

    Dear Mr. Shekhar Gupta,
    सर्वप्रथम, आपकी तारीफ़;
    मेरी कोशिश रहती है, आपको regularly सुनने की,
    मतलब, आपकी सुशिक्षित भाषा, आपका बोलने का विनम्र अंदाज़ और आपका गहन शोध किया हुआ विश्लेषण अधिकतर informative और unbiased (some exceptions) होते हैं।
    Request: क्या आप एक तुलनात्मक विश्लेषण कर सकते हैं :-
    जिसमें despite peace time
    भारत में Army और Armed Police Force के कितने लोग;
    प्रति वर्ष मारे जाते हैं
    पिछले 5 वर्षों में कितने मारे गये
    पिछले 10 वर्षों में कितने मारे गये
    कारगिल छद्म युध्द के बाद से अब तक कितने मारे गये
    क्या ऐसा अन्य एशियाई देशों जैसे चीन, जापान, पाकिस्तान, श्रीलंका, बँग्ला देश, इत्यादि देशों में होता आ रहा है
    क्या ऐसा अफ्रीकी देश जैसे सोमालिया, सूडान, नाइजीरिया इत्यादि देशों में भी ऐसा होता आ रहा है
    क्या यूरोपीय देशों में भी ऐसा होता आ रहा है
    I hope I am able to express my point to you and
    Hope to see a program on this kind of analysis, soon.
    जय हिन्द !
    Anil Gautam SAAHAS

    srinivasa raghavan says:

    Why Shekar Gupta is not decluttering about P C’s comment on Indian media. Is it not selective journalism?

    mayur patel says:

    The only left journalist who is really liberal…

    joshua chase says:

    It is a bit silly to talk about agriculture, health and education in the same context as defense. The budget for defense is the sole responsibility of the central government while the others are shared by states and in fact are mostly state subjects. Especially after the last finance commission devolving more finances to states. Also, with a rising population india needs to rationalize salaries and benefits but it should not try to reduce force size as that is one comparative advantage that will remain for this century.

    Deba prasad says:

    Nice analysis Sekhar sir..Good thought provoking… carryout the Good work

    Mayank Singh says:

    U can't buy strategy with money, yes we have more money than Pakistani but not wright strategy

    ajay nair says:

    Sir you're missing the fundamental issue here high rate of interest and therefore higher allocation in the budget. We are in the top 5 economies in the world with highest rate of borrowing. We cannot sustain or grow forward with these kind of economics. GOI borrows at 7% & 8% causing lesser spending allocation in healthcare, agriculture and education resulting in private enterprises fulfilling these demands by again borrowing capital at high interest rates and thereby passing cost. We face inflationary pressure indirectly due to this. We have NPAs due to this. Bring down the interest rate to 5% things will change drastically. Liberalise the bonds market, let the insurance companies and MFs invest the huge pile of cash in start ups and private debt. Defence needs long term vision i guess we need Pentagon and DARPA like agencies run by technocrats to change defence.

    R Rool says:

    Congress treated it as a money spinning tool and opened some Govt run white elephants as well to feed people. No technological advancement happened as we proved good for nothing.
    Indian generally never invested in any R&D, if at all it’s there they produce nothing. Some silly PCBs some silly Processors etc are the products. We are a parasite eating the results of great work by Western Countries
    We promote Ayurveda Homeo Yunani etc which never work.
    So the situation will be like this only

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